VIP Lipo Line Duo

Exceptional results from the first treatment using innovative ultrasonic cavitation technology.

Rejuvenation, Well-Being & Wellness

The generation of proven treatments and solutions with over 26 years experience for providing specialist fast, safe and long lasting results to help you win the fight against all cosmetic medicine concerns.

Supporting treatment for general and localised rapid slimming (equates to 1000 press ups in 30 minutes)
Muscle firming
Body reshaping

Supporting treatment for each muscle bundles rapid firming
Non-invasive face lifting
Enhancing of skin tone

Aesthetic lymphatic and venous drainage
Prevention of oedemas, cellulite, swellings and localised cosmetic problems due to bad circulation

Helping the regenerating and firming action of the surface epithelial tissues, prevention of premature ageing, wrinkles

Eliminates fat excess and localised cellulite treatment
Focused cells disintegration

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