VIP Line Open

Visible results from the first treatment using Cutting-edge ‘Open’ automation technology

VIP Line Open

Build your own body shaping machine

Ever wanted to have the best features from one beauty treatment, and combine them with another in a way that you’d like them, not how the technology manufacturer decides? VIP Italia has been listening to those client demands, and have developed VIP Line Open, a completely configurable multifunction beauty treatment machine, with the features and functionality that you and your clients desire.

We have built on our many years of experience in the beauty industry, and have put together a selection of our most popular treatments for our customers to choose from, to build the body shaping product that you would like to have in your salon, clinic, SPA or gym.

VIP Line Open is a bespoke professional radiofrequency skin tightening and fat reduction machine that can be used for a variety of body shaping procedures from localised slimming and reduction of cellulite to skin regeneration, lifting and increased collagen production. It also has the ability to utilise 100% of the muscle fibres to improve strength and tonicity in the remodelled area of the body or face.

VIP Line Open is this generation’s first beauty equipment born in the era of the Internet of Things, featuring integrated web access. This ‘Open’ technology means that updates, maintenance interventions, programming of any needed functions, and cost management are all automated. The equipment also benefits from remote control functions which save time and reduce operative costs.

As with all VIP Italia devices, VIP Line open is designed for high profit.

The best of body shaping technology in one product

Deliver world-class beauty treatment with your very own VIP Line Open professional myostimulation machine built to bring tangible value to you and your clients.

  • Fully customisable and tailored to your needs 
  • Choice of up to five beauty treatments 
  • Visible results from the first treatment 
  • Cutting-edge ‘Open’ automation technology
  • Remotely operated control functionality 
  • One-year warranty   
  • Bespoke user training in multiple languages

Choose the functions best suited for your business and we will build the perfect body shaping machine for you. With the aesthetic benefits of each treatment seen immediately, VIP Line Open can guarantee exceptional results that exceed your clients’ expectations and make a real impact on your business profitability.

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