Specialists utilising NASA technologies and evidence-based science for The Most Innovative Facial, Body & Hair Non-Surgical Solutions.

Our forensic attention to detail in Advanced Aesthetics, Beauty, Cosmetics & Wellness ensures diversity and inclusion for all ethnicities in medi-spas, salons, clinics, or clients at home worldwide.

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Impossible is possible when you discover the next generation in science & technology to allow you to now experience the results of faster and less invasive treatments; revolutionising medical & clinical aesthetics and as the only source of knowledge is experience, contact us to arrange your consultation.


Always seems impossible until its done do you feel that your current solutions are inadequate? You can now approach them from a new perspective and explore the leading edge of innovative science & technologies; offering a full range of treatments that do not require you to go under the knife for your Aesthetics & Wellbeing dreams.

Weight & Wellness Programme
“Just wanted to say, deciding to come and see you was the best decision I made. After a few weeks of following your food plan and using your creams, the skin rash I had on my arms and legs for over two years disappeared, and so did my weight which was a bonus. Six months on the rash is still nowhere to be seen and I am a dress size smaller. My friends think I look fab. You are the best investment I made in myself ever”. GN
The Inflammation & Sensitivity Cellular Defence Programme
"I never would have thought NASA technology would be helping maintain my beauty regime! But thanks to the clinical creativity of G-Labs who has now placed this within our reach - products and light treatment devices using this technology, combining science, nature & frequencies. These work synergistically to create a unique and exceptional result. Firstly, the Gelee is the only way to keep skin free of pollutants, makeup and any other debris. Perfection, for skin that is misbehaving! The device pulses red, blue or green light. I used the blue light with the Cellular Defence Cream on sun drenched skin on holiday and the effect was immediate healing, cooling, soothing and the only way to stop those insect bites itching." STG
The Pro-Aging Aesthetics & Wellbeing Programme
"The piece de resistance however must be the Modificator Creme & Guersion Oil. Used with the red light it’s simply a facelift. Skin is plumped, firmed, nurtured and smoothed, giving a glow that goes on working while you sleep. The products contain such amazing ingredients all working at a DNA level delivered by the frequency of the device. Truly science, NASA technology and Harley Street at home, fly me to the moon G-Labs, I’m red carpet ready!" SG

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible when your current phase may be acute, chronic, severe or mild, a sudden onset or a long-term issue. Our preventative approach gives you the opportunity for intervention at any stage as we seek the cause for any solution. Our signature to ensure a new level of experience and your desired results in treatments, products and services created specifically for your DNA.


Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible and the only limits to your possibilities are the ‘buts’ you use today as DNA is the forefront of personalised science, for you to achieve your optimum transformation. Your immediate future is likely to have many more possibilities than you ever imagined possible.