RFID Programmes

Yolanda Hadid

“I’m better than I’ve been in a long time” says, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who was diagnosed with Lyme disease, to which, her children Bella and Anwar have as well. “Being in remission is an everyday blessing and I pinch myself every morning”.

As Yolanda moves into her “next chapter,” she’s putting an emphasis on her emotional wellbeing, which has a big impact on her health and reflecting on her experience with the “extremely debilitating” disease, often referred to as the “invisible illness” because people who suffer from it may not appear sick, Hadid recalled that the “huge list of symptoms” she dealt with every day left her feeling “depressed.”

“If it wasn’t for my kids, I probably wouldn’t be here today. They were my driving force and the reason I kept fighting,” she says. Now that she’s feeling better, Hadid says she’s prioritised enjoying life something her children remind her to do as well.

“It’s great to have mom back, and now they’re like, ‘Slow down, lady,’ ” she joked, explaining that these days it can be tempting to try and make up for “so much lost time.”

Yolanda relies on an electronic device “I wear it every night,” to help manage her symptoms which emits specific frequencies that communicates with cells to help increase wellness. “It’s really helped me with my symptoms. I started to sleep better. I started to feel better and have more energy to exercise”.

G-Lab’s passion for light and frequencies technology exceeds 26 years to deliver a whole-body wellness concept that provides adaptable solutions to meet our client’s needs.

Our RFID Card holds a comprehensive formulation of frequencies delivered in a programme every 20 minutes to increase biological and immune competency, thereby decreasing the risk of developing complications of viral exposure.

The platform provides a delivery system of light ultra-pulsed technology which optimizes cellular communication and stimulates biological restoration. Further, our unique applications of layered specific frequencies in formulations can be customized to individual needs.

Our client-based programs have yielded great results in functional solutions for such pathogenic factors as Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex Viruses, Herpes Varicella Virus, Epstein Barr Virus, Coxsackie Virus, Enterovirus, Hepatitis Viruses, Influenza Viruses, and Corona Viruses; and so much more.

We are an innovative, science-based, and results-oriented specialists dedicated to helping ad supporting people find relief from dis-ease. We welcome your curiosity about our RFID Cards as a frequency emitter so contact us regarding your symptoms whether acute, chronic, or mild to discuss the RFID Programme appropriate for you.

Frequency Facts

  • The human body is made up of over 15 trillion cells.
    Cells communicate using electronic frequencies to keep us alive and healthy.
  • Strong cell communication provides immunity.
  • Any number of factors from disease to injury and emotional trauma can disrupt frequencies and impair cell communication.
  • Poor cell communication leaves the body vulnerable to attacks from within and without.
  • RFID Frequency Support Programs is designed to restore cell communication and restart the natural healing process.
  • RFID Frequency Support Program is non-invasive and drug-free.
  • Symptomatic relief on our frequency support programmes depends on the degree and extent of cell disruption and may be felt incrementally or simultaneously over varying periods of time.

Intercellular Communication

Cells communicate with each other by sending signals, such as frequencies or chemical messengers. The purpose of cell signalling is to respond and adapt to one’s internal and external environment. Since they help the body adjust to what is needed, properly functioning cell-signalling pathways are essential to maintaining and promoting balance. When cell-signalling pathways send the right communications, the body works well.

The importance of good signals

Properly functioning cell-signalling pathways are essential to maintaining and promoting health. So, when cell-signalling pathways are disrupted, your body doesn’t run smoothly.

Why Is my signal broken?

Studies have shown that intercellular communication disruptions are often caused by environmental toxins, internal toxicities, pathogenic infections, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and proper breathing and premature aging.

What can happen to me?

When intercellular communications are disrupted, it can impact your health, energy, mental sharpness, and can even lead to debilitating symptoms. Disease typically occurs through a disturbance in this cellular communication.

Is frequency the solution?

Biological properties of normal and damaged cells, which have lost their ability to communicate, are being studied with new and exciting fields of research in frequency, light, and sound applications. Ultra-Low frequency electromagnetic fields are emitted by such properties as light and sound. When the frequencies of light and sound are harmonious with our own cell-signalling, communication is repaired and restored, and biological change occurs. Our RFID Programmes emits specific frequencies that interact with the body’s own cell signalling to increase proper functioning of tissues, organs, and the body systems.

The clinical advantages of frequency wellness technology.

Biological properties of normal and damaged cells have been studied with new and exciting fields of research in bioelectrical physics and electrical signalling technologies. For instance, single-cell analysis not only detects the abnormal cells but also helps in the identification of the type of the cell and the various electrical properties related to those cells. Abnormal cell behaviour results from a change in its environment where normal signalling becomes chaotic or disorganized and loses biophysical appropriate signalling. Cells that undergo mutation or get any kind of infections might exhibit different ionic (electrical) movements and change in conductivity and resistance of cytoplasm along with distortions in shape and size. Irregular biophysical properties of electrically active cells provide early indications of sickness, infection, or atypical states of the body, which makes promising markers for detecting various toxins and tissues status. The electrical traits of cells provide vision and crucial data to help in the insights of the complicated physiological states. Correct biophysical communication is primarily focused on a functional state of health. Biophysical information contains such data as cell shape, contents, and its electro-chemical behaviour. It also has the property of storing correct electro-chemical information that maintains the body’s normo-regulation. The body’s regulatory system can decode frequencies necessary for optimal functioning of cells, tissues, and systems. Pathological stressors, which carry distorted or chaotic electro-chemical frequencies, interfere with regulatory pathways of the body, and reduce its ability to restore homeostasis innately. Pathological stressors can be measured by such metrics as body temperature fluctuations, blood pressure and heart rate increases, and sweating. Subjective complaints inform us that changes are occurring because the regulatory system of the body is under stress and is no longer adequately compensating.

Internal pathological stressors can include allergens, toxins, xenobiology and accumulations of fluorine, chlorine, iodine, bromine, and astatine, that form binary salts by direct union with metals, pathogens, genetic variants, metabolic wastes, hormone intoxication, micro-nutrient deficient organs, systemic downregulation, and biochemical alterations, to name a few. Stressors on the body create a burden on the entire regulatory system and reduce its ability to remain in a functional state of wellbeing. Effects on the biophysical landscape may have a severe effect long before a clinical diagnosis becomes clear. A disturbance of this magnitude can cause cells to lose electro-chemical communication. Thus, cooperation is disordered and incoherent as tissue toxicity ensues. Disease typically occurs through a disturbance in intracellular electro-chemical communication which creates disharmonious biophysical communication.

Laboratory studies have demonstrated, with great significance and biological benefit, low-intensity, low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) therapies for living systems. It is now well-accepted that Ultra-low EMF may induce changes in living systems on the organism’s tissue, cellular, membrane and subcellular levels. Some specific reactions and processes in different biological systems suggest that most of the observed bioeffects strongly depend on the parameters of applied electromagnetic fields. It has been observed that the biological effects of Ultra-low EMF occur only at frequency specific combinations and intensities. Further, these effects have been reported especially for changes in cell behaviour, tissue conductivity and neuronal modulation.

Ultra-Low frequency electromagnetic fields are emitted by such properties as light and sound. When the frequencies of light and sound are harmonious with our own biophysical communication, biological benefit occurs. Light therapy uses short waves which regulate cell growth, ensures the exchange of information between cells and regulatory controls of the autonomic nervous system, and can be a stimulus for intracellular signalling molecules. Sound therapy uses short bursts of continuous waves to elicit biologic effects as a therapeutic modality and causes changes in circulation, tissue potential and ionic influx on the cell membrane. As the amplitude, frequency, and propagation length is modulated in these therapies, cellular coherence and communication is restored to its optimal state, leading to restoration of the body’s innate regulatory mechanisms.


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