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G-Labs | Azluene: The Rare Molecule in Purity for Scarring, Inflammation, and ‘Maskne’

If you have not yet heard of azulene, you might be familiar with the word ‘azure’. The colour of bright skies, the kingfisher bird, the mineral azurite, the sea of the French Riviera, Côte d’Azure, and the health retreats of Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco. The colour of the jet sets play- ground and our world.

Azulene, a rare and precious molecule of the same bright colour, is distilled from the flower’s chamomile, yarrow, or blue tansy. These botanicals have potent anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, which positions azulene as a saviour for an extremely specific problem of our time: ‘maskne’.

If, like most inhabitants of the planet Earth this year, you have spent a lot of time wearing a protective face mask, you will no doubt have noticed the detrimental and even acne-like effect it can have on your skin. What is it, moisture and perspiration trapped against the pores, and blemishes proliferate around the irritating elastic. When it is finally time to take off our masks, we almost hesitate to reveal our struggling skin underneath.

Azulene has a dual focus. It has a natural affinity with blood, aiding the breakdown of scar tissue. It is a highly recommended solution for pre- and post-surgery application.

It is also one of nature’s most potent solutions for spots and blemishes, and for balancing the body – a key prevention tactic in addressing acne. But if you are familiar with the work we do at G-Labs, you will know that what we are about to reveal is much more than a simple anti-inflammatory.

The thought our Cicatrices à la Crème Treatment contains more than 45 drops of the rare and precious azulene for its purity. Each drop contains 40 quintillion molecules (that is a 4 followed by 19 zeros). This means that a single drop delivers 40,000 molecules to each and every one of the 100 trillion cells in our bodies is phenomenal.

This is no 1 or 2% concentration cream. This azulene-based Crème consists of 94% active ingredients. It is designed to deliver radical transformation at a level only equalled by surgical intervention, and to work not just topically, but at a cellular level. And here is how.

The most remarkable thing about the rare and precious azulene is its purity its inherent blue light frequencies. This is a high-energy visible light with a long wavelength, enabling penetration of the skin at a deep level. We already know that blue light therapy can be used in high-performance holistic treatments for our minds and bodies, addressing everything from acne to depression to cancer-prevention.

So, while the Cicatrices à la Crème Treatment is carrying out its powerful healing duties on the outermost layer of your skin, targeting the dreaded ‘maskne’, as well as sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck, irritation, and pigmentation, it is simultaneously soaking deeper into the skin.

Here, it works to address a whole complex of biological concerns. This clinical-grade solution stimulates no less than 15 specific natural processes within the body, including mental, hormonal, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, nervous, muscular, and thyroid. If, like so many of us, you have spent the past year slumped in front of Zoom calls, staring at your television, and feeling lethargic, unmotivated, and uninspired, Cicatrices à la Crème works to alter and improve the skin’s appearance externally, and soothe and energise internally.

As is our mantra for every treatment we develop as above, so below.


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