Have you heard about Venus Legacy?

"The difference was enormous!"

How 6-8 weeks of treatment can give you your dream body

Venus Legacy™ is the VIP aesthetic procedure gaining a phenomenal reputation amongst clinicians and A-Listers alike.

If you are dreaming of a natural, non-surgical, no-downtime solution to your aesthetic well-being, find out why the Venus Concept’s Legacy treatment is receiving rampant reviews, a prestige reputation, and renowned awards.

After mentoring from the venerable Beverly Hills dermatologist, Dr.Harold Lancer, G-Labs were the first in Europe to be trained and supplied with Venus Legacy technology back in 2015.

Since then, we’ve been able to provide a highly-advanced, non-invasive solution that effectively resolves aesthetic challenges.

Unlike many cosmetic procedures, the Legacy experience is pleasant, and easy!

Body Contouring Simplified

The ideal candidate is a person who – despite the attempts to diet and exercise – just cannot shift those pockets of cellulite / excess body fat. Sagging skin and wrinkles are the most prominent reasons why people; in all their magnificence and individual splendour, view surgery as a necessity.

This self-consciousness, snipping away at your potential, can be combated without a prolonged, precarious or painful experience…
Here awaits an opportunity to eliminate those anxieties and harness your inner power, with mere hours of relaxation.

“I absolutely love the Venus Legacy treatment. It’s like a massage for the whole hour!”
– Laine V., Client at Sona MedSpa of North Raleigh

The Experience

Once per week, patients spend approximately 30 minutes comfortably relaxed, while one of four handpieces apply Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields to produce heat under the surface of their selected area.

As technical as it sounds, it’s a simple process – some patients fall asleep! And unlike other body-shaping treatments, radio frequency technology is safely applicable to all skin tones.

The patient will feel a slight warmth and a soft suction on their skin, but thanks to VariPulse™ technology (providing real-time thermal feedback) the power of the applicator can be lowered if the level of heat or suction is too strong.


There may be a slight redness on the skin as the treated area will be warm and flushed immediately after. This will disappear within an hour or two, then the patient is free to return to their regular routine!

The amount of weekly treatments vary depending on the individual. Neck/facial treatments tend to take 6 treatments, and other areas of the body usually require 8.

After the final treatment, results enhance for the following 3-4 months; a follow-up session is recommended once every few months to help maintain the results and prevent the effects of ageing. Again, the frequency of these sessions is dependent upon the individual.


“…by the end of the six weeks, the difference was enormous. I look so much more honed, the muffin top has gone and the skin on my stomach is far tighter — as smooth as it was in my 40s.”
– Jilly Johnson, Daily Mail 2016

Overall, Venus Legacy is a safe and effective way of reducing cellulite, tightening skin, alleviating wrinkles and diminishing the aesthetic effects of ageing.

With many celebrities and respected clinicians using and endorsing the Venus Legacy treatment, if you’re dreaming of a comfortable way to a slimmer, sculpted, toned body, find out more about the 2019 Aesthetic Everything Award Winner for Best Body Shaping Device.

“Fellow physicians ask me, ‘Since you’re an expert in body contouring, especially with non-invasive procedures—and with your research—if I wanted to buy one device, which one should it be?’ So, looking at it from my experience and research studies, Venus Legacy™ from Venus Concept is the superior device to get.”
– Dr Robert Troell, FACS Plastic Surgery

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