A-Z Recode Wellness Programme




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A-Z Recode Wellness Programme

Comprehensive Food, Nutrition, Well-Being & Wellness.

A-Z Screening Service for:

Allergies, Anti -Ageing, Bacteria, Cardiovascular, COVID-19, Cravings, Degenerated Cells, Dental, Depression, Detoxification, Diet & Metabolism, Dis-eases (A-Z), DNA & RNA, Eczema, Endocrine, Energetics, Epigenetics, Fat Cells, Fatigue, Food Allergies, Food Intolerance, Genetics, Genitourinary, Glucose Sensitivity, Hair, Hormones, Imbalances, Immune System, Inflammation, Interference, Lifestyle, Musculoskeletal, Nervous System, Neurological, Nutrition, Parasites, Psychological, Prevention, Physical, Pre & Post Surgery, Scarring, Skin & Skincare, Stress, Toxins, Viruses, Vitamins & Minerals, Weight & Well-Being.

The A-Z Testing & Analysis Service

Our expertise & experience spans over 3 decades in the advanced aesthetics, beauty, cosmeceutical & well-being sector.

The signature of precision is based on your genetic screening & analysis as your DNA is a unique prescription for everything about your growth, development, maintenance – the list is endless.

We understand that the solution to your concerns will be as unique as your genetics, as no two people have exactly the same metabolic make up.

G-Labs has designed this first-in-class treatment package to be completely contact free. All correspondence between G-Labs and you are conducted to your preference of email, telephone, Zoom or post. An initial consultation followed by swab screening & analysis provides our clinicians with a detailed overview of your genetics and lifestyle so we can identify exactly what in going on within. Hence, we make the invisible visible and develop specific solutions to treat your issues whether acute, chronic, severe or mild.

The Encompassing

NASA technology not only identifies your DNA, it takes into account your lifestyle choices and the ensuing impact of your current lifestyle, with testing for over 330,000 different imbalances or disorders.

We fine-tune analysis, treatments and products to your individual requirements setting our the way forward.

The Analysis

Receive your report & consultation within 7-10 days. Your results are based on reliable scientific data and include a personal clinical prescription to accelerate your success.

The Technology

Developed with key opinion industry leaders worldwide, our unique A-Z screening & analysis service includes all your genomes to discover precisely what you need to achieve dream results from personalised solutions.

The Simplicity

Collect a saliva sample from your inner cheek using our easy-to-use genetic lifestyle swab. Complete your consultation form and post it with your sample to our laboratories. We will then test your sample using our expert processes.

The Solution

Unsure what to do next? Book a complimentary call to discuss and receive advice from an experienced practitioner who will provide products, treatments & programmes to achieve your desired results.

Delve Deeper

Discover Black Box Programmes- Treatments & Tweakments.

We embrace NASA technology, prized by astronauts, athletes, executives and world class elite performers, bestowing them with unrivalled support for an unprecedented experience. This development marks a quantum leap in wellbeing, and ushers a new era of contactless enhancement for all.


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